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A2102 Pneumatic Cylinder (8-19 ft body)
A2102-1 Pneumatic Cylinder (20-26 ft body)
A2102A Rebuilding Kit for A2102 Cylinder
A2103 Cylinder Yoke - Std.
A2104 Flow Control (ARO F02)
A2106 Arm Adapter Assembly
A2110 Bellcrank Assembly - Standard
A2111 Crosstube for Canadian Bodies
A2113 Shaft Support w/ 1 1/4in Bushing
A2115 UHMW Bushing 1 1/4in I.D.
A2116 Air Valve Assembly - Complete
A2118 Mounting angle (aluminum)
A2121L Clevis Pin for Lg. Yoke
A2122 Clevis Pin w/Cotter Pin for Cylinder
A2123 Shaft 1 1/4" x 101.125" (96)
A2124 Shaft 1 1/4" x 107.125" (102)
A2132 1/4 NPT - 1" Nipple
A2139 Ext. Plate for A2100
A2154B Seal Kit, for A 2154 Cylinder
A2169 1/8 NPT Male x 1/4 NPT
A2202 UHMW Bushing for A2183 Housing
A2203 Lock ring for G609 Spring
A2205-1 Winding Wheel for G605 Rollers
A3868B Rack gear assembly - strong arm
A3881 Arm pivot pin R&P assembly
A3881KIT Arm Pivot Pin Kit for R&P(3 pc
A3883 Cylinder Pin-Long (Washer Pin)
A4004A Base Arm /Gear Assembly, R&P
A4005A-1 R&P - L.S. Mounting Bracket Assembly RAW
BL7006 Housing-Hook, Box Lock
BL7007 Hook pin (shaft)
BL7008 Spring Mounting Plate
BL7009A-L Spring plate left hand
BL7010 Spacer
BL7011 Torsion Spring (each)
BL7013 Lynch Pin
BOLT KIT Bolt Kit for H7002C (alum)
D18836 Cylinder Pin R&P
E301 Bearing Plate 3 x 10 for 2 Bolt B
E502 Roller Assembly L.S. (E500) Complete
EDD1502 Roll Mounting Angle
EDD1503 Bearing for Roll - R.S.
EDD1506 5/16" x 2 1/4" Roll Pin
EDD1508 Drive Motor & Gear Box
EDD1508A Motor Only
EDD1520 Roller Assembly R.S.
ETC5005 Chain Guard
ETC5006 Sprocket 20T 5/16" Thru Hole
ETC5024 Circuit Breaker, 80 Amp
ETC5027 Solenoid Switch (double)
FT018D Diverter Cartridge for TT6000
G1008 Arm Mounting Bracket - Side Mount
G1513 Roll Pin, 5/16 x 1 1/2in
G1515 Retaining Ring Side Mt, 8-15 (Plate
G1529 Mounting Bracket 8/15
G1530 Mounting Bracket, 16/19 - Dlx
G1531 Mounting Bracket, 20/32 - Dlx
G1532 Retaining Ring 16/19ft Unit-Side Mount
G1538A Base Arm, 8-15 L.S. - Side Mount
G1538UB U.B Spring
G1539A Base Arm, 8-15 R.S. - Side Mount
G1539UB U.B. Spring
G1540A Base Arm, 16-19 L.S. - Side Mount
G1540B Base Arm, 8-15 L.S.- Side Mount
G1540BUB Base Arm, 8-15 L.S. - UB (1/2
G1541A Base Arm, 16-19 R.S. - Side Mount
G1541B Base Arm, 8-15 R.S. - Side Mount
G1541UB Base Arm, 16-19 R.S. - UB (1/2
G1542A Base Arm, 16-19 L.S. - Side Mount
G1542UB Base Arm, 16-19 L.S. - UB (9/16 wire)
G1543A Base Arm, 16-19 R.S.- Side Mount
G1543UB Base Arm, 16-19 R.S.- UB (9/16
G1544A Base Arm, 20-32 L.S. - Side Mount
G1545A Base Arm, 20-32 R.S. - Side Mount
G1551 Upper Arm, 8/11 - 6ft w/Strip
G1552 Upper Arm, 12/15 - 7ft w/Strip
G1553 Upper Arm, 16/19 - 8-1/2ft w/S
G1554 Upper Arm, 8-11 - 5-1/2ft Dlx
G1555 Upper Arm, 12-15 - 8ft Dlx (1
G1556 Upper Arm, 16-19 - 9-1/2ft Dlx
G1557 Upper Arm, 20-22 - 11ft Dlx (1
G1558 Upper Arm, 23-26 - 13ft Dlx w/
G1576B Arm Adapter Assembly
G1603 Roll Assembly, L.S. Complete w/Sprocket
G1610 Windscreen, Alum w/-1- Decal (
G1616 Donut for Alum Rear Section -
G1621 Upper Arm, 8-11- 5' Alum w/SS
G1622 Upper Arm, 12-15- 8' Alum w/SS
G1623 Upper Arm,16-19-9.5' Alum w/SS
G1624 Upper Arm, 20/22-11' Alum w/SS
G1625 Upper Arm,23/26-13ft Alum w/SS
G1626 Upper Arm, 27/30-15' Alum w/SS
G1627 Upper Arm, 31/33-16' Alum w/SS
G1632 Small Roller, Outer
G1633 Center Section, Alum Roll
G1634 Roll End Plug - 1in Bore
G1641 Roll & Plug Assembly, L.S. w/ X Ho
G1643 Roller, Alum w/ 1in Plug, Shaft
G1645 Roller, Alum w/ 1in UHMW Plug,
G1648 Bow, 20/33 Straight D Corner -
G1649 Rear Section/Cross Tube - Alum
G1650 Bow, L.S. Dlx Alum
G1650B Bow, 8/19 R.S. ALUM
G1654A Hoop Base Plate Weldment DS
G1656 Base Bow Tension Hoop
G1657 Bow Corner for Steel Hoop (3/4
G1658A Tension Hoop, Springs L.S. (.1
G1659A Tension Hoop, Springs R.S. (.1
G1661A Tension Hoop, Nylon Spacers
G1662C Hoop Pivot Point Assembly DS Steel
G1696 UB Cant. Shaft Style, 5/8 L.S.
G2005 Roll Mounting Angle, 6in
G2014 Cover Spring
G2015 Cover, 15ft x 9ft HDM - 8/11ft
G2016 Cover, 19ft x 9ft HDM - 12/15f
G2017 Chain Guard, w/Decal
G2020 Drive sprocket - 36 tooth
G2021 Bearing Plate 10in
G2024 Cover, 15ft x 7ft HDM Rect.
G2025 Cover, 19 ft x 7ft HDM Rect.
G2026 Cover, 22ft x 7ft HDM Rect.
G2028 Crank Ball
G2029 Snap Ring
G2030-1 Crank Only - Roll Pin Style
G2030-1A Crank Complete - Roll Pin Style (r
G2030A Crank Complete - Set Screw Style (
G2031 Bearing w/Collar for Roll
G2032 Spring (to Disengage Crank)
G2034 Bearing, Rear of Control Box
G2035 Brake Assembly
G2036 Brake Knob (red oval)
G2042 Cover, 25ft x 7ft HDM Rect.
G2043 Cover, 28ft x 7ft HDM Rect.
G2044 Cover, 31ft x 7ft HDM Rect.
G2045 Cover, 35ft x 7ft HDM Rect.
G2064 Roll Mounting. Angle, 10in - 20/32ft
G2066 Cover, 22ft x 9ft HDM - 16/19f
G2067 Cover, 25ft x 9ft HDM - 20/22f
G2068 Cover, 31ft x 9' HDM - 23/26ft
G2069 Cover, 35ft x 9ft HDM - 27/30f
G2070 Drive Chain, 10ft w/Master Link
G2080 Windscreen, 8/19ft Unit w/ 1 D
G2081NHA Cover, 15ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2082NHA Cover, 19ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2083NHA Cover, 22ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2084 Fiber Bushing
G2085 Master Link #40 (Use K0221)
G2087NHA Cover, 28ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2089 Bow Rest, Steel
G2099 Bow Corner, Dlx Straight - 20/
G2100 Rear Section - Steel 8ft Dlx -
G2101 Upper Crank Ext.
G2102 Lower Crank Ext.
G2103-1 TR Crank, Roll Pin Style
G2103-1A TR Crank, Roll Oin Complete
G2103A TR Crank, Complete - S.S. Style
G2104A Dlx Bow, 8/19 L.S.
G2104B Dlx Bow, 8/19 R.S.
G2105 Ctrl Box
G2105A Crank Box Assembly w/Trailer Crank
G2109-1 Drive Sprocket w/Hub
G2110 Brake Lock
G2113 U Band
G2114 Brake Strap
G2115 U Spring
G2116 Safety Latch
G2117 Rear Section, 8ft Straight Bow
G2124 Bow, L.S. 1 in
G2125 Bow, R.S. 1 in
G2126NHA Cover, 12ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2127NHA Cover, 15ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2128NHA Cover, 19ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2129NHA Cover, 22ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2130NHA Cover, 25ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2131NHA Cover, 28ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G2132NHA Cover, 31ft Hi-Temp Vinyl Asphalt
G214 Cover, 15ft x 7.5ft Shade
G2143 Base Mount
G2146 Base Arm Plug (3 Spring)
G2147 Base Arm Plug (4 Spring)
G215 Cover, 15ft x 7ft Shade
G219 Cover 7 x 19 Shade Mesh
G2O14 Cover Spring
G605 Roller, Assembly Complete
G606 Roll, Tube Outer
G607 Roll, Center Section
G608 Shaft - 99" w/1 Hole
G609 Roller, Spring (.162 wire)
G610 Bearings (Flanged Radial)
G611 Cone w/S.S. Holes
G613 Spacer, Plain
G614 Cone/Spacer Assembly
G616 PVC Roller for E600 Unit (6in
G622 Tailgate Hooks
G625 Eye Bolts 5/16-18 x 2-1/4
G627 Rear Section (1pc) 102 x 3/4 IMC
G631 Cover, 15ft x 7ft Shade (E600)
G632 Cover, 19ft x 7ft Shade (E600)
G633 Cover, 22ft x 7ft Shade (E600)
G636 Cover, 15ft x 7.5ft Shade (E600)
G637 Cover, 19ft x 7.5ft Shade (E600)
G638 Cover, 22ft x 7.5ft Shade (E600)
G732 Pawl Spacer
H7002C "Everlast" Roller Assembly, Rollma
H7002F Frontier spring loaded
H7005B Spacer/Cone Assembly, R&P Roller
H7005D Cone, Complete Alum
H7006 Bearing for Tarp Roller
H7007A Tab for Aluminum Cone
H7008 Roll, Spring (.192 wire)
H7008A Roll, Spring (.250 wire)
H7009 Bearing Plate, left side
H7010 Bearing Plate, right side
H7018 Arm, Pivot Pin w/Grease Fitting
H7027 Hydraulic Arm, 11ft - 20/22 in
H7037 Rear Section, 9ft w/o Holes
H7039 Cylinder
H7040 Delta Flow Divider/Combiner
H7040-1 Flow Divider/Combiner (DELTA)
H7048 3/8 NPTM x -6 JICM 90 Deg. Ell
H7059 Cylinders, 40in - TR
H7062 Clevis Pin with Cotter
H7200 Cylinder, Rebuilding Kit for 2
HR1502-1A Adapter Motor, Gearbox (Right)
HR1504 Hydraulic Motor Only, for Right
HR1508 Hydraulic Motor, Gear Box Assembly
HR1513 Gearbox Only
HR1525A Solenoid for Monarch Power Pac
HR2003 End Caps
HR2004 Roller Spring, HR2000
HR2010 Saw Tooth Gear Assembly
HR2012 Shaft
HR2027 Hydraulic Cylinder, Tele.
HR2027A Seal Kit for HR2027 Cylinder
HR2031 Cylinder Cup
HR2034 Cover - 31ft x 8ft Rect. - HR2
HR2034TC Tuff Cover for HR 2000 (Special)
HR2035 Hitch Pin
HR2038 Pioneer Tarper Motor
HR2041 Gantry w/Legs Only - HR2000
HR2042 Gantry Alarm Kit, HR2000
HR2048 Switch Trip Plate
HR2051 Roller Assembly, HR2000
HR2053 Tarp Deployment Rope 37ft.
HR2054 1 1/4 PVC sch 40 Tarp Tube 101"
HR2055-1 Diverter valve 1 GPM
HR2057 -4 SAE M Plug
HR3503A Seal Kit for HR3503 Slave Cylinder
HR3504A Seal Kit for HR3504 Master Cylinder
HR4505 Roll, Base Only
HR4505-2 Roll rest base (new style)
HR4511 Gantry Assembly, Completelete w/Legs & Eye
HR4512 Tele. Gantry Leg
HR4519 Mounting Angles, Chassis
HR4520 Gantry Cylinder - 36" Stroke
HR4526 Arm Rest
HR4532 Cushioning Rubbers (Marine Exh
HR4535 Cover Control Valve, 2 spool
HR4535A Cover Control Valve, 3 Spool
HR4535I Seal Kit for new Series 20 Val
HR4535J Handle Box Repair kit 20HB
HR4542 2 - Spool Ctrl Valve
HR4542A 3 - Spool Ctrl Valve
HR4542A-1 Cover Control Valve, SGL
HR4542B Handle Kit (34 HX)
HR4542B-1 Handle Kit, New Style Control
HR4542C Handle Kit, Linkage (34 series
HR4542E Tie Rod
HR4542G Control Valve, Inlet Sections
HR4542H Control Valve, Out section
HR4542J Spring Kit, 34 Series
HR4542K Spool seal kit
HR4545 Low Arm Rest
HR4548A Mounting Tube, Caps
HR4553 1/4 NPTx-6 JIC 90 Deg. ELL
HR4573A Base arm assembly
HR4575 Arm Extension. Assembly, TA
HR4575A Arm Extension., Large Hole
HR4575D Arm Extension., LAR
HR4579 30" Hydraulic Cylinder
HR4579A Rebuilding Kit for HR4579 Cylinder
HR4584 Hydraulic Hose, -4 x 16ft Crimp
HR4585 Hydraulic Hose, -4 x 19ft Crimp
HR4590 Arm Reinforce Plates
HR4590A Reinforcing Plates w/Eye Pads
HR4610 Fixed Leg Assembly, For inRin (ea)
HR4613 "U" Bolt
HR4614 Roll rest
HR4614A Roll Rest
HR4624 Collar 1"
HR4681 -6 SAE x-6 JIC 90 Deg. ELL
HR4682 6 SAEM x -6 JICM Straight Adapter
HR4683 -6 JICM x -6 JICF 90 Deg. ELL
HR4684 Tee, -6 JIC M
HR4685 Reusable Fitting for -4 Hose (
HR4692 Shaft Collars For inRin Model
HR4693 1/2 NPT MALE x -8 JIC 90 deg E
HR4710 Cylinder, Inside Arm
HR4710A Repair Kit, Cylinder Inside Ar
HR4712 Base arm - telescopic
HR4713 Arm extension - telescopic
HR4717 Adapter, 1/4 NPT x-6 JIC
HR4718 Flow Controls (DRV-08-01 x .5)
HR4719 16" Stroke Cylinder
HR4719A Seal Kit-16" Cylnder (HR4719)
HR4721 Reuseable fitting for -8 hose,
HR4722 Adapter, 1/2in. NPT x-8 JICM
HR4723 Chassis Mounting Tubes (L's)
HR4724 Arm Ext., R&P TALA (Stabilize
HR4726 Brush
HR4728 Swivel Hose Clamp Assembly
HR4729 -6 SAE M x -8 JIC M Straight A
HR4731 Cylinder Hold Down Strap
HR4741 1/2-13 x 1-1/2 FHCS (R&P Ext.)
HR4750 Base Arm (Strong Arm)
HR4751 Arm Extension (Strong Arm)
HR4752 36" Pioneer Stroke Cylinder
HR4752AB Seal Kit for HR4752 (A5659)
HR4753 Stabilizer bar assembly
HR4756 Bracket, Tarp Tube
HR4757 Tarp Tube Cap - SA
HR4758 Tarp Tube - SA
HR4759 Pioneer replacement tarp 28'X9'6"
HR4760 Base Arm Gear Assembly. SA
HR4761A Mounting Bracket Assembly, right side
HR4762A Mounting Bracket Assembly, left side
HR4766L Arm Assembly, Drivers Side Complete
HR4766R Tarper Full Arm Assembly-Right
HR4780-1 Winding Disk to Load Roller (Complete assembly)
HR4785 Castle nut
HR4786 Pawl Spring for H7002C Roller
HR4787 Spacer for HR4788 pawl
HR4788 Pawl for H7002C roller
HR4789 Cover for Ratchet & Pawl
HR4799B 3/4" Spacer
HRG2063CR Cover, 28ft (Cordura)
HRG2063TC Cover, 28ft x 8ft Rect. Tuff C
HRG2063TC-36 Special 36' Long HRG2063TC
Item item_desc_1
K0170CMC Chrome Motor Cover
K0181 Mounting Bracket For Switch