Please note---not all bid specs are featured on this page; just some of our more popular systems. If you need a bid spec that you do not see here, please contact customer service and they will be happy to provide you with whatever you may need.


Heavy Duty Construction Systems


Electric Direct Drive, Steel, Heavy Duty (comes standard with heavy duty mesh tarp)

EDD1500DS 8-15 feet

EDD1500DS 16-19 feet

EDD1500DS 20-22 feet

EDD1500DS 23-33 feet

Semi Manual, Steel, Heavy Duty with Optional Ground Control (comes standard with heavy duty mesh tarp)

G1500DS 8-15 feet

G1500DS 16-19 feet

G1500DS 20-22 feet

G1500DS 23-33 feet

Air Powered system, Steel or Aluminum (comes standard with heavy duty mesh tarp)

A2100 8-22

Bid spec for optional Air Power Hoop--for A2100 system

A2100 Power Hoop


Refuse Tarping Systems



RP4500SAR (fixed gantry)

RP4500SARG (adjustable gantry)

RP4500SATR (Rack n' Pinion for Trailers)

HR2000--PTO and PP (armless tarper for full size roll-off)

HR1000--PTO and PP (armless tarper for single axle)

HR1500H (hydraulic tarper for single axle)